The Master's Touch Program creates within a player the motivation to practice because each specially designed embroidered patch is an immediate and tangible reward for a player's

Players are motivated when they know they are improving, when they enjoy what they do, and when they receive a reward for their efforts.



The Master's Touch Program enables the coach to easily recognize a player's level of commitment as the player acquires each new patch within the program.

Players who juggle well demonstrate for their coaches commitment to time on the ball outside of scheduled practices, a commitment to skill development, and a commitment to excellence.



The Master's Touch Program develops and signifies a player's level of excellence because his or her skill level has been accurately tested with each patch in the program.

Players who juggle
well master all the various components of a skilled player: controlled receiving with the feet, thigh, chest and head; accurate passing, shooting, and heading, controlled one-touch play, and vision to read the field.